Simplify the Complex with Sales Assistant

Business process requirements get complex as managers struggle to develop the systems and processes needed within the business. Software companies have spend the last few years marketing simple applications that do a small number of things in the cloud.  These apps are great a simple tasks but the result is staff having to learn many different systems and then copy and paste data into Excel to manually report. Sales Assistant helps small business to work in a simple centralised yet powerful application platform that previously only large enterprises could afford. 

All the documents needed

Sales Assistant can product, Quotes, Pro forma Invoices, Order Confirmations, Sales Orders, Invoices, Supplier Orders, Packing Slips and Statements to support standard business workflows. Documents can be saved as templates to save time, documents can spawn other documents as required documents can even have an approval process if needed.

Manage Finances in Sales Assistant

View the financial performance of projects and clients in the Sales Assistant Finance View. Send invoices and payment into supported accounting applications.


Retainers & Deposits

Take payments in invoices and send the payments to supported accounting applications from the Finance View in Sales Assistant.

Sales Assistant supports client level and project/Matter level retainer tracking if that is required. Our sophisticated retainer workflows are great for Legal firms and consultants or any business needing to take deposits and track them.

Accounting Integration

Powerful reporting

Integrate Sales Assistant with Xero, Saasu, MoneyWorks and coming soon Quickbooks to send over accounting information such as; invoices, payments, sales orders for compliance purposes.

By performing more tasks inside Daylite, as facilitated with Sales Assistant, tremendous amounts of high quality business data is captured. Sales Assistant provide standard reports as well as the ability to add highly custom reports that meet the needs of the most demanding businesses.

Sales Approval Tools

Set low margin alerts and high value alerts and Sales Assistant will hold the quote of invoice form being sent until a manager approvals the document. This frees up your sales staff to work dynamically and the system will automate the authorisation processes. Utilising Daylite's push notifications managers will be notified anywhere as soon as the authorisation is required.

Complex workflows

Sales Assistant provides for custom workflow integration for example the Digital Rights Management module allows photographers and artists to apply digital licences to their quotes and invoices. Sales Assistant will add the licence and apply any BUR tariffs required. 


If you have complex business requirements speak with us today to see how Daylite Sales Assistant can simplify and automate your business requirements.

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