Professionally Manage Products & Inventory

Sales Assistant brings professional product and inventory management into Daylite. Now as your business gets more complex Daylite can grow with you.

Flexible products

and services

power your business

Products, Services and Product Packages are fully supported meeting the needs of the most complex of product based workflows. Supports, images, buying, selling and inventory details. Supports Accounting integration as well as product groups and custom fields.

Buying Products

Selling Products

Enter and store product buying information. Special features into buy and sell unit management, quantity based buying price, which can optionally be passed through to the selling calculations or keep as extra margin. Additional costs can be added to products to account for any other fees. Products are bought in a single currency. But this can be converted on a purchase order if needed.

The sell price in Sales Assistant is a calculated price. Buy price + Additional costs x markup% = sell price. Products. Products can be sold in any unit entered. If the units are hours sales assistant will treat this as a time based service. The suggested units saves time when adding to a document. 

Multi Warehouse

Inventory management

Add any number of warehouses required to support the business. Warehouses can be physical warehouses, or they could be a sales reps car, or even a virtual warehouse. Transfer stock in to and out of warehouses as required. Perform stocktake per warehouse and run warehouse level reports.

Sales Assistant has a full multi warehouse inventory management system. Keep track of available stock for each product that is stocked, order stock to replenish low inventory levels, transfer stock in and out of warehouses as required. See stock levels by warehouse during the sales order and invoicing processes.

Package Products

Stock Takes

Create build products, products made up from other component products. Track the inventory levels of the components and create purchase orders required to make build products.

Sales Assistant has full stock take capabilities with stock valuation reporting. Simply start a stock take and continue counting until complete. The snapshot feature will allow ongoing business while a stock take is in progress. 

Importing & Updating Products

Import products from supplier spreadsheets to streamline and simplify the product entry process. Update existing product information including the price when a supplier publishes a new price list. Save you frequently user import mappings for future use.

Ordering Products

Receiving Products

Simplify your product ordering process with Sales Assistant. Produce Supplier (Purchase) Orders from a Sales Order or Invoice or make global Supplier Orders to replenish inventory items that have low stock levels. This can be done both for a product and for a product by warehouse.

Receive stock into the warehouse and see what orders are waiting for this stock to arrive. Notify the sales person and or customer that the goods are ready for collection or shipment.

"Daylite and Sales Assistant has helped us effectively manage our complex product and production requirements across both Australian and Asian markets. Our team’s productivity and quality of work has increased dramatically since using Sales Assistant. It makes doing business so much easier."

Steve Welsh - CEO Weltrade

Take your business further with Daylite Sales Assistant


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