Operate Your Business Globally

Sales Assistant brings professional product and inventory management into Daylite. Now as your business gets more complex Daylite can grow with you.

When you operate more than 1 brand or business or need to sell in different Markets

Sales Assistant provides unparalleled flexibility to run many brands and or businesses from a single Daylite database. As well as being able to manage the currency, banking and branding requirements with ease.

Multi Location

Multi Currency

Enter as many locations as you need to operate. Each location has a default Currency, Tax and company details. Documents dynamically set the correct information based on the location set for the opportunity or project (Matter).

Add the currencies you need to operate, select your location and all documents dynamically show in the correct currency. The currency is not limited to the customer freeing up users to quote and sell in different currencies to the same customer. This vastly improves the sales reporting for each customer in Sales Assistant

Multi Terms & Conditions

Multi Bank Accounts

Sales Assistant can hold an array of business terms and conditions which can be applied as required to different documents as required. There are separate payment terms as well as payment plans that can be applied. 

Add as many bank accounts and control the bank and account details to suit different local naming and regulatory conventions. Making Sales Assistant extremely flexible and suitable to selling into markets around the world. 

Sales Approval Protections

Sales Assistant provides easy to use and workflow focussed processes to ensure sales staff can work effectively to provide the best deal possible. Warnings will be applied for quotes and invoices that fall outside the thresholds set for margins as well as high value sales. The user restrictions make it easy to hide any buy prices and markup if so needed.

Take your business further with Daylite Sales Assistant

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